Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dream Diary Entry #1

I just had to record this, this dream is bizzare but I like it.

I was in a magical place, I was the only human in there for I have a mission of picking up some animals who plan on running away from home, and plan to live in my dimension- which is just plain old earth. it was a notorious escape with chase scenes but of course, we made it. Anyway, the portal could not be closed immediately since it needs a cool down from using too much energy so someone was able to get past it. We found a house with no inhabitants, only to find out that the people in it were just about to go home from vacation. Once they arrived, they pretended to be stuffed animals and I pretended to be a doll. The kids played with us and such. I locked myself in the bathroom and I heard a knock from a housekeeper, and she said she developed a serum that would turn them into humans so the owner just welcomed them for a party. 

Once I walked out, they were all enjoying the sunset in the balcony. Everyone was with a partner of some sort. I was talking to this guy and was laughing and just having fun, when suddenly, lxs came along. I highfived him, he took my hand and placed his arm around my shoulder. Then we watched the sunset together, and he leaned in for a kiss. Then after a short time, he told me we could not be together. I was pain stricken, of course. Then my animal-turned-human friends told me that they wish to go back home. I escorted them back to that magical dimension, and once I came back, it was all different. Like I returned to my normal life.

So I was supposed to go to a debut or a soiree in a hotel. The people were oddly familiar, like they were my animal friends. Then, lxs came along and was my date. He hugged me, took my hand and kissed me sometimes. Then, he slipped that we will somehow break up anyway tomorrow.

Guess he was destined to leave me right away. Even in multiple dimensions such as in my dream and that magical dimension. 

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