Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Sunset is Your Sunrise.

We were childhood friends. Tadashi's father worked in the same firm as mine. They would leave us together in the park during the day, where would sit by the swings or take turns in catching each other in the slides. By evening, we would come to each other's homes. During lunch, our parents would chatter on how we're gonna be inseperable forever. We ate our food in the fields, and have a contest on who sees the most airplanes passing by. You would always win our little game. I used to call you  my older brother, but you turn bright red and ask me to stop every time. 

By highschool, we have grown quite apart. You took interest in science, while I was more inclined in arts. As time goes by, we go from walking to school together to barely saying hi when we bump into each other in the hallways. My regret never faded until this day, on how I was too foolish to let time rip us apart. Throughout highschool, I ate my lunch alone in the study hall, feeling desolated as my other half left this sillage; while he must be in the cafeteria working on something. 

One day, while I was silently playing with my food, I heard the door open behind me. "Akemi?", it was surreal, why is Tadashi here? "Akemi, I was wondering if that painting by the stairwell was your work?", he said. I could not believe he would notice my trademark, as it has been 2 years since we last talked to each other. "Ah, yes. What about it?" He sat down next to me and looked at his lunch tray. "Well it looked really nice. And, uh.. well.. aside from that..", he muttered, "I was wondering if I could eat my lunch with you again?" My heart raced and I could feel my cheeks flush with excitement. I smiled and answered, "Of course!". You opened your lunch and we began talking about things in the past two years as I began being engulfed in the moment. 

There was a lot of differences between Tadashi and I. Tadashi was more of stern, responsible and appetent for success. I was a creative soul, just letting my instincts take over my actions and decisions. It was amazing that we still managed to feel a connection between us. We would lie down in our blankets after class, just staring at the stars and throwing caution to the wind. Our talks would go endless until we reach our respective curfews. 

Before our summer vacation, Tadashi rented a boat so we could row through the nearby river. We set the perfect date and time so we could still manage to get home as soon as possible. We rowed miserably and spun in huge circles. We laughed so hard at our incompetence when you looked at me suddenly. "Akemi, I.." My world stopped revolving and suddenly it was all you. "I love you, Akemi. I always have." As redamancy washed my whole existence, I bowed my head slightly and smiled the biggest smile. "I love you as well, Tadashi-kun." You leaned forward, and we kissed. The sunset was glowing in our faces, and it was as beautiful as ever. 

After 3 years, Tadashi was set to fly to New York so he could pursue his medical career. I could feel his excitement emitting to all of us inside the car, while I am feeling very restless. Our days together felt endless and full of joy, and I am sad as ever that it's reached its peak in this moment. I tried to look enthralled as you are, but it was a shame I am aspectabund. You wrapped your arms around me tightly and I closed my eyes. I've been fighting my tears the entire trip and I could not let them go right now.

"Akemi, I'm sorry. I don't think this is going to work out anymore.." You said while enveloping me in your arms. I was silent, as a single word would cause my tears and screams I am suppressing to be free into the wind. You boarded the train and waved goodbye. Foolishly, my tears fell as I tried to run with the train to catch up with you. "No, Tadashi! Please, I love you so much! No!", the words escape from my mouth as I sob relentlessly. 

The sound of serenity is slowly calming me on most nights. We are separated by our dreams, our futures, our distance. My beloved Tadashi and I are now living on different sides of the world, casting our own shadows at the opposite directions at noon. "Goodbye, Tadashi...", she said as she drifted back to sleep drowning in her own sadness.

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