Sunday, June 8, 2014

i just hate someone so much i just had to i am so sorry

I hate how much people like you.
There isn't a lot to like,
except your facial features.
A stereotypical beautiful girl;
cheekbones high, beautiful smile.
If only they knew,
how you're a dark mass inside.
A fragile pretty face,
who fishes compliments everyday.
A brave and fearless human,
who cries and wants to die.
A skinny figure,
who does nothing but whine.
I dare you, just do it—
take off that silly mask.
See if they still like you.
Put off your fascade of a friendly smile.
Don't play innocent anymore.
Show them who you really are,
see if they'll like you.
You're nothing but a bitch.

Fuck you.

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