Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bad Little Girl

I ditched all my responsibilities today such as attending my drum lessons and getting my brother's report card because I hung out with my bros. You wouldn't believe this: I smoked today. I solemly swore that I am gonna be the almighty one who's not gonna try out a cigarette in her whole life but I puffed it. Just one, not even one stick but just one puff. It was a "birthday gift" for my friend since it's her birthday tomorrow. I don't actually regret it since I'm not craving for one. The bad side is that I got a bit hooked on the electronic cigarettes. This is so not me, I swear. Well I'm just trilled because I had a bottle of Tanduay Ice and a sip of milktea today. Totally satisfied my drink cravings.

On the other note, I'm gonna start a vlog but there is no way I am abandoning this. Writing is a whole new experience for me and this is where I express a different side of me. It's weird but I find it nice. The vlog might show a happy go lucky side of me, and of course this one portrays all my seriousness. I haven't grasped my creativity in writing yet, but I hope it will come back soon.

Au revoir.

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