Monday, April 29, 2013

Another Year

All of us, we cheer-
one of our friends just aged one more year.
To all of you I propose a toast;
his past years are nothing but a memory, a ghost.

Now a brand new slate-
for experience he may now create.
Never dare, putting it to waste;
but there's no need to do it with great haste.

I may have met him quite late-
but alas, it might be due to fate.
Yet happy, as he always made me be-
I always smile, full of glee.

Happy birthday, my dear friend.
I hope your joy will last longer than a trend.
For this only happens once a year;
fullfill your hopes- never fear.

Poem for April 30, 2013
For Stephen Duffraine Llamas, you're old, get a job.

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