Saturday, May 17, 2014

10 Confessions

*taps mic*
*clears throat*


Okay. Poorly made humorous intro aside, I really am back. For good. Well, until July rolls in. Yay! Anyway, I've been busy with studying and other dramatic "friend" issue lately so I haven't found the time to write stuff. Now, I'm back to giving little previews of my boring every day life and other funny crap I hope you'll enjoy. To ramp up this coming back thing— I'd like to share 10 things about me which I consider "whaaaat??"-worthy. Here goes:

-...that's why I get two cups of coffee a day. Most of you sip on teas on a regular basis but it tastes nothing but dried grass to me. Believe me, I tasted that shit once. How can you stand liquefied dried grass? I can never be british.

2) I sweat a lot. On my face. Ew.
-Okay so imagine just casually walking a few flights of stairs. Pretty chill right? Well not for me. I would be red all over, sweating buckets like I've run a marathon. Seriously, sweat glands???

3) I am very, very afraid of the dark.
-A second of pitch black darkness?? Oh, you mean death. Carry on then.

4) I had a dream of becoming an FHM model.
-But my dream of eating pizza and burgers and fries and cake and... yeah you get the picture.

5) I have a stuffed panda named Grapes that I treat like a real baby.
-This was given to me by my cute boyfriend about a month ago and I adore it. Every time I find her lying on the floor I go hysterical. It's my little panda baby okay :(

6) I actually suck at math.
-And I am taking up engineering. Let's see how long it'll take to completely emotionally and physically decapitate me (I'm at around 78%)

7) I usually don't click with people who talk a lot.
-Because it means I have to listen a lot. And I won't be able to talk a lot, which sucks and it'll end ugly. Really ugly.

8) I had a very lesbo phase.
-Everyone had right? No??? Oh....

9) I sing my heart out... while washing the dishes.
-Songs like Irreplaceable, Toxic, No One, yeah you get the idea. Imagine a girl belting out Beyonce while rinsing forks and a soup ladle. What a joy.

10) I don't burp.
- I only burp like twice or thrice in a year? It's very weird really. Oh and I had my first burp this year a while ago.

Yeah, I'm a weird girl. I know. But everyone's got this weirdness, and it's cool that way. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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  1. Natuwa akong basahin. The best yung FHM model dreamz mo gurl :(((((( and I have a stuffed baby too. He`s a pink dolphin we got sa arcade, yung kinukuha thingo tapos ang saya kasi first time namin after a million attempts na makakuha :)) eh that`s the day we watched Desolation of Smaug so we called it Smaug. then it`s my baby too. nagagalit ako kay mama when she throws it around the house :(

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ | I`m on Bloglovin!