Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sick days

Due to excessive studying and staying up late, I developed colds. Yeah, colds. Wads of tissue everywhere (NOT WHAT YOU THINK), bottles of water standby, scraped throat, headache and more. Ah, the glory of colds. Anyway, that didn't stop me to do my Nivea haul (50% off on all products!! What a steal??!!!) where I got a lip balm, a bottle of lotion and a mud foam. 

So due to my so-called "manflu", I stayed in bed most of the day and watched pewdiepie and cutiepie videos. It actually inspired me to do a "Roneth and Ron plays Howling Abyss map on LoL" series on youtube (stay tuned!). And because my man isn't by my side, I experimented with Marzia's cute cooking DIY's. Most of her food DIY's were too childish (marshmallows, pure ice cream milkshakes, milk-based popsicles) but I did try her Nutella mug cake. It tasted... somewhat like a chocolate-flavored kitchen sponge. But I guess microwaved mug cakes are not really nicely textured so I'm giving the recipe an 8/10. 

Hope you guys enjoyed your Sunday and have more great days ahead!

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