Wednesday, May 1, 2013


My whole being craves your existence, dear.
Being apart from you,
now I am nothing but blue.
"This is actually my fear".

Your smell once engulfed me
You wrapped me with your presence;
left me with your essence-
"Come back to me", I plea.

I did not have a dream-
for you being around me and me being around you
was already a dream come true.
Now I just want to scream.

"Sing me to sleep,
I don't wanna wake up on my own anymore"
Never know when I will feel you more-
I have nothing to do but weep.

You are an angel;
seeing your face before I drift off
even when I woke up, I just cannot think of
losing you, that's how I fell

When I close my eyes:
I cannot think of anything neat-
but without you, sleeping became shit.
I miss your presence, it was really nice.

Poem for May 2, 2013

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