Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dreams of our Universe.

After asking Jonvier about his favorite film, five centimeters per second, I instantly scowered the internet for it. I watched it last night and I can say that the film is indeed beautiful. Everything just falls into place, the cinematography, the music, the underlying theme, just everything. It was so beautiful that I even dreamed about it. Also, I somehow connected with the film. I can say that I am very much alike with the character in the second chapter of the film.

Anyway, I am spending my morning watching another film directed by the same man, and I can say I'm enjoying it. The themes of his stories are very unique, and you will somehow get absorbed and be fascinated with it. The theme of this one is about a promise waiting to be fullfilled, but it somehow involved some physics in it.

I've never seen something as beautiful.

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