Friday, June 14, 2013


I actually forgot about my new literature class because our professor came in so late. So apparently, I have to worry about 3 writing classes: English 3, Philippine Literature and Philosophy. I lost my connection with the creative wires somewhere in my brain and I really need to get them intact once again.

For the last 2 weeks, I've been having a great time in my classes. Yes, the pressure never left and continued to toast the left side of my brain but it's nice to have friends helping you out. This is going to be a bumpy but fun ride, I always thought. I'm going to be invincible just by thinking and believing in it.

I'm now a part of a large group of friends right now. I'm getting attached to them way to easily than I expected. They are amazing, and it's nice to see that I have built a greater social interaction with other people. I'm not the usual quiet kid, I'm actually interacting with everyone now. Well, sort of everyone, but I try.

Classes were suspended today, tomorrow's my free day and no NSTP announcement yet so I'm okay with Sunday. I sure do need this kind of rest.

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