Sunday, September 29, 2013

Puzzle Pieces

I found a puzzle piece on the floor.
I cherished it. I spent time with it.
We biked through the streets,
and even cuddled under the sheets.

I found more puzzle pieces on the floor.
I picked them up. But I knew I had to stop.
I had a special piece, the first.
You just happened to satisfy my thirst.

These puzzle pieces I found once on the floor;
I was wrong. They were a lyrics to a song.
I set you down for a little while,
and deciphered the puzzle with a smile.

I found a lot more pieces on the floor.
Telling the story. Relieving my worry.
But there was something I did forget,
that first piece I was able to get.

The puzzle pieces joined together on the floor.
Making an image. Erasing the damage.
And when it was about to be complete,
a piece seemed to be missing, even under my feet.

My puzzle pieces lie on the floor.
Never a picture. It was nothing but a rapture.
For the piece that started it all,
was in a place where I could not crawl.

(September 29, 2013)

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