Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The thoughts of numbers pinning me down to the ground.

I am now feeling the university life, The first thing that may pop into your head are outrageous parties, alcohol, smoke from cigarettes or drugs, freedom, and all those happy shit. On the contrary, I'm thinking books, numbers, derivatives, coffee, sleepless nights, presentations, and so on. I'm starting not to enjoy college.

Perhaps it's because I'm really tired. I probably had the freshman syndrome that's why I enjoyed last year. And this year, my body craves sleep more than anything else.I'm also starting to have less time for my actual interests, seeing my failed test papers coming in one after the other.Well, in calculus.

I want to live a life worry-free, Hakuna Matata style. Why create your own worries, right? I want to stop thinking about the future and remain focused on my present instead. That way, I'd enjoy reading books, writing poetry and short stories, and perhaps drink gallons of coffee. But I can't do that. I'm already to far from the entrance of this maze I entered. It would be such a waste to go back, and I have no other choice but to endure the sufferings of this labyrith of suffering.

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