Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Story of the Flowers

I picked a flower near the sidewalk.
Placed it on her hair, with outmost care.
I told her, never listen to all of them.
My pretty dear, reject your fear.

The next day, I picked another flower.
Pinned it in her chest, where it looks best.
I told her, be brave my angel.
You may fall down, but don't ever frown.

I stringed some flowers.
A pretty necklace, giving her such grace.
I told her, you are my precious.
Head up high, not letting out a sigh.

And one day, I picked a flower.
Placed it on grave, the last one I gave.
You are now in heaven, my love.
I promise you I'll try, I won't ever cry.

(September 24, 2013)

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