Sunday, May 5, 2013


If I took your actions for granted,
ignored your touch,
although it wasn't too much-
this wouldn't have started.

I regret every action I made on that day.
I was so oblivious,
nothing but delirious.
Guess this is the price I have to pay.

Please, my dear brain-
be in a state of confusion,
for I cannot find a solution.
I am in so much pain.

Now for you, my heart-
stop longing for him,
I'm sorry I cannot give in to your every whim.
We had to be apart.

My body, please forgive me.
I was so stupid, so deranged;
never thought this couldn't be arranged-
It was too big, it's fee.

I would have been gone,
free spirited and happy as always.
Any longing for you, no there's no trace.
But too bad, it has begun.

Now I'm sitting here, weeping-
forlorn for you are not in here;
she's with you, as I eject a single tear.
Not dreaming of me, while you are sleeping.

Poem for May 6, 2013
abba rhyme scheme, surprised i could manage it while idk

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