Monday, May 13, 2013

Shuffle Challenge

Hello there. So I'm quite bored (yes, at 7:36 in the morning) and sleeping is not an option so I tried to do this. I'm supposed to put my music player on shuffle (right now I'm gonna use my phone) and fill up the following using the song titles that come up. Okay, here goes. (commentaries with the *)

Life Story: Music game

Opening Credits: Someday - The Summer Set
*Beautiful song with a beautiful message. This being the "opening credits" to my life is awesome.

Waking Up
: Like We Used To (Piano Version) - A Rocket To The Moon 
*okay so I'm bawling like a child here. So instead of being the normal teenager who's gonna hit next once they see the title, I won't. I chose to listen to every song even until the middle. Right now, I'm torn about the reason why I'm crying, for it can be about ARTTM's breakup or the sad message of the song.

First Day At School
: When We Were Young - The Summer Set
*I decided to throw a little dance party in here. And I am amused on how my phone favors TSS this morning. My father, Gervie Cruz the TSS King, must be so proud of me right now. Sobs everywhere.

Falling In Love: 
Miserable At Best - Mayday Parade
*Fuck! This is horrible at the same time it is accurate. I am indeed Miserable At Best whenever I'm beginning to fall in love with someone. I might have to reassess my self every time. I think I think too much. See!

Fight Song:
Drella - Pierce The Veil 
*Can we all give my phone a round of applause for being a cooperative bitch? Wow, this song is accurate again! "Or the night we snuck out your window? Oh, 'cause baby, baby, you're so crazy now" wow, we could also mosh to this while fighting! 

Breaking Up: Hell Above - Pierce The Veil
*Oh my God, future (ex)boyfriend, beware! I might wreck havoc into your life too. And literally bring hell above. I'm very satan-like after breakups.

Life’s OK: Fireworks - You Me At Six
*Now my phone decided to fuck up my winning streak. Fireworks???? When my life's okay?! Oohhh sneaky. It's like I think my life's okay but the love of my life was sleeping in someone else's bed. Shudders.

Getting Back Together: Loud - This Century
*"And you can't hold me down, I wanna get loud!" Uhm, so once again, beware my future (ex)boyfriend. Getting back together doesn't sound that pretty...

Wedding: 7 Days - The Summer Set
*Meep, an ugly song to relate to marriage... We all hope I'm the bipolar one in this relationship, or not. oooh oooh ooooh ooooohhhh Look another TSS song wow, am I the TSS princess now?

Birth of Child: What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
*Yes, Harry. I would like my childbirth to make me beautiful. Or at least I want my child to be beautiful. And yes, I listen to One Direction from time to time. Cue : dance party

Final Battle:  Never Be What You Want - We Are The In Crowd
*Well, this is nice. Even at my final battle, I'll choose to be me. I won't follow your goddamn orders and shit even if it costs my life! What if I become a Christian martyr? Nahhhh, very unlikely. And apparently I decided to have a gig while this song is playing. Coughs Tay Jardine.Death Scene: The Reckless and the Brave - All Time Low
*gdi! My martyr theory is slowly materializing. Although it may come from a war or st? Martyrdom for the fanbase then! Yes, I'll die for the music!!!!! Or uhm not

Funeral Song: I Miss You - Blink-182
*Aaaaaaw, this song is a nice tearjerker at my funeral. I mean, I'm actually gonna be missed! Wow, it's sad that I have to die before I could be loved (emo moments with roneth wbu?)

End Credits: Swing - Taking Back Sunday
*headbangs while slowly ascending to heaven or descending to hell. Or floats in midair. Or rots in the ground. I have no idea sorry.

Yay! I hope you enjoyed reading my response to this shuffle game! 

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