Thursday, May 2, 2013

Petals and Bus Tickets

Overdue blog post about my day last April 30, 2013.

I woke up quite early, knowing that it's gonna be a beautiful day with beautiful companions. It was a bad idea, since I slept quite late (not as late as I do now) and I was feeling fuzzy. I worked out on kinect with hopes of looking better in my dress since I gained a bit of fat everywhere in my body. I tried to time my departure so I would arrive on time in our meeting place, but my lack of sense of direction struck me. I got a bit lost, but that's okay since Joni arrived later anyway and Gman and I got to catch up.

Gervie, Joni, Cheska and I rode a bus, and it was a long but happy trip. My first bus-ride that's not operated by my school for a field trip, wow. We were the only ones noisy in the bus but we did not care at all. We missed each other too much anyway. So we arrived in Alabang at around 5:45 pm but we still had to look for a place to stay in for the night. We tried SOGO hotel (laugh all you want) but the guard didn't let me in because I look too young for my age. A weird creepy dude we decided to name Gardo approached us and led us to a secluded inn. It was overpriced, but it's better than nothing. We changed our clothes and went to Bia's party in a cab (took us about an hour to get there, sigh)

Bia's party was really fun. I am not a fan of formal shit but when we just drank alcohol and partied to Paramore and Yellowcard, everything felt infinite. We just sat down on the floor in our formal attires and just talked about life. We were under the influence of alcohol but it just made everything lighter. We decided to end the night by slow dancing to All My Heart by Sleeping With Sirens. I first danced with Joni, then with Chesby, then with Bia. Bettina and Chesby were my companions afterwards as we looked after Bia. It was a night to remember.

We decided to hitch a ride from Chesby's dad to go out of the village and we stopped over Jollibee since they were hungry and 7-eleven to buy more booze. We head back to the inn and just listened to Legendary and Everything's Fine: we were with the The Summer Set king after all. We decided to sleep at around 4 or 5 in the morning and it was the best sleep I had in my entire life. Gman keeps on bugging us when he wasn't that sleepy and I was just cuddled up with Joni. It felt really nice, like another set of infinity. It was a smaller one, but I still consider it eternal.

Sun Bay Apartelle was vacated by us at around 11 am and we decided to eat pizza (and force Joni to eat a slice) in Festival Mall. As usual, I got emotional that the day was ending. I wanted that to last forever, everything was just beautiful and perfect. I hope those nights will come again in the future days. I almost cried when Gman had to get off the bus and when I accompanied Joni to the train station. I just got so lost in thought on my way home.

Now, I'm having sleepless nights. I crave for the wonderful sensation I had on that night, but the day is over and I have nothing but memories.

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