Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pet Peeves

This is just one of those nights where I can't stand anything. Here's a list of what just makes me tear my fucking hair out *cue : Forget About It - All Time Low*

  • Okay. First of all, I hate it when someone calls me when I just left. Not really like I just turned my back or something like when you call me after I've made effort going away or st. 
  • I also can't stand it when people YOUNGER than me treats me like a baby. I don't like being called "cute" in a condescending way by someone who's 14. I'm fucking 17, child. I study the basics of engineering already so please stop I am not your kitten or st. 
  • I really can't stand it when people offer me stuff just to tease me. For example, gusto mo nito? edi bumili ka. WELL SAKSAK MO SA BAGA MO.
  • Girls who want an army behind them are just pricks. I hate them so much. You do something scandalous then in the end, you try to change the story so you'll be the cute puppy and we'll be the love children of satan and nicki minaj. Well too bad, I'm the resbak queen (according to Michelle)
  • Night ruiners. When you expect a beautiful night to happen, like doing everything just to make that happen, but someone has to fucking ruin everything. Dude, I'll fucking cut your husband's penis on your marriage night. COCKBLOCK. 
  • Songs that ruin a soundtrack worthy shuffle. I mean I'm in the zone to cry then a fucking dance party will erupt while you're sobbing uncontrollably. Phone, fix your shit. 
  • Girls over-possessive  with bands and everything. ABA WAG PULP ROYALTY BILIN MO KUNG GANYAN KA. SILA NA BILIN MO TAS SAKSAK MO SA BAGA MO!
  • I could go on and on but I think this would be enough for tonight? Yey. 
Okay. This is one giant indirect tweet to everyone. Sorry for offending you, I guess? Meh. SPAWNS OF SATAN UNITE!

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