Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shuffle Challenge Part Deux

Game 2! I'm really bored (Now it's 11:20 pm) and I want to do something fun while listening to music!

1) How am I feeling today? - MakeDamnSure - Taking Back Sunday
*We lay, we lay together just not too close......yet so far. (emo roneth)
2) How do my friends see me? - My Blue Heaven - Taking Back Sunday
*Wow, 2 TBS songs in a row! If this is what my friends think of me, then wow. That's just beautiful, man. Really really beautiful.
3) What is my best friend’s theme song? - I Won't Believe This - A Rocket To The Moon
* Sobfest for ARTTM ; n ; I don't dig this song tho, to be honest.
4) What is the story of my life? - Tonight - FM Static
*Fucking accurate. I'm always lovesick, and I'm always fallen. This song just describes all my struggles, I guess. I just have a hard time letting people go. 
5) What is the best thing about me? - Last Night (Vegas) - Breathe Carolina
*throwing a mini dance party hahaha Then I guess the best thing about me is that I party really hard!
6) What is today going to be like? - Happy For You - The Summer Set
*Sobfest with dance party for this song. That's the fucking beauty of TSS's songs. I want to cry while wanting to dance at the same time. Anyway... will I be finally happy for you today?
7) What is in store for this week? - Give Me Anything - The Maine
*Oh it's you, and it's true. You're electric I can't get over it. YES PLEASE.
8) What song describes my mom? - Return The Favor - All Time Low
*How do I get away, when you're begging me to stay? Pretty much accurate everytime I want to go out with my friends or go to concerts. Hahahaha
9) What song describes my dad? - Thnks Fr Th Mmrs- Fall Out Boy
*headbands the shit out of my head because fuck yeah I can and btw, inappropriate song for my father HAHAHAHA
10) To describe my grandparents? - This Is All Now - Taking Back Sunday
*but yes I AM ALL THIS NOW I AM ALL THIS NOW I AM THIS NOOOOOW headbangs even though song does not connect to my grandparents at all (except for the line I know you mean well with your ancient code of ethics)
11) How is my life going? - On Your Side - A Rocket To The Moon
*cries hard because OHMYGOD ARTTM SIGH but accurate song, You know that my love is on your side.
12) What song will they play at my funeral? - And Now I'm Nothing - The Wonder Years
*another accurate song. Damn, this phone's ahuffle system is designed for these kind of challenges!
13) How does the world see me? - Time Bomb - All Time Low
14) Will I have a happy life? - Underneath Every Smile - I See Stars
*Hm, semi accurate song for this question. meeeeh *moshes with plushies*
15) What do my friends really think of me? -  Voted Most Likely - Man Overboard
*See how awesome my phone is when it comes to shuffling?! Another accurate song for this question then! Wait another rak na rak party coming up
16) How can I make myself happy? - Postcards and Polaroids - Sleeping With Sirens
*The song itself makes me fucking happy already! I love this song!!!! But yes, Before I go could you love me just a little bit more one more time? That would make me fucking happy.
17) What should I do with my life? - Who Are You Now - Sleeping With Sirens
*COINCIDENCE? I think not! Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly, we're gonna work it out.
17) What is some good advice for me? - Crash - You Me At Six
*Just crash, fall down, I'll wrap my arms around you now. But who'll wrap his/her arms around me? We do not know.
18) How will I be remembered? - What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction 
*Well this is nice, I mean if I would be remembered as beautiful and IF ONLY YOU SAW WHAT I CAN SEE DANCE PARTY
19) What is my signature dancing song? - Jukebox (Life Goes On) - The Summer Set
*I love this song so much!!!! And because of that, DANCE PARTY!!! LIFE GOES ON WE GOT ALL NIIIIIIGHT
20) What is my current theme song? - Reckless - You Me At Six

*Well hell yeah, I'm reckless! I'm Mis(ter)s reckless with a capital R!
21) What does everyone else think my current theme song is? - Legendary - The Summer Set

*I smiled once I heard the next song. This song is amazing, I swear. And of course, a The Summer Set song for the The Summer Set princess. Anyway, a perfect song to end my shuffle challenge so I'm really happy with this!

Okay, it took me 2 days (I fell asleep last night while listening to crash) to finish this but finally, part 2! Hope you enjoyed reading and you should try doing it too!

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