Monday, May 13, 2013

I can't write a poem

Sure, it's nice to be a part of something. Fishes belong to schools, ants belong to colonies, wolves belong to packs and I guess humans belong to families or communities. They give you that sense of security which being alone does not give you. Problem is, why do I feel the contrary? Instead of feeling okay and sure about everything, I feel horrible being a part of a group. Not in that sense where I hate being a member of one right now, but being regarded as a mere part of it. I'm losing my individuality. I'm not me anymore, just some part of a collective. That sucks, and it hurts so bad. I just wanna let this out of my chest. I want to be loved, as me. I want to be missed, as me. I want to be adored and appreciated, as me. Why do I have to be a part of everyone? Am I not worthy enough? Am I not special enough? Can't I stand on my own two feet to be recognized? To be a fragment of your thoughts? To be a part of your heart? I love you as an individual. I miss you as an individual. I love every part of you, miss every part of you, adore every part of you, and I am attached to every part of you. Just you. Will I ever matter to you by just being me?

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