Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Of Candles and Hourglasses

I do not know why I can't write a poem right now, so i'm gonna do this in an essay form.. which is gonna be lame. I'm sorry this one's going to suck since we both know I'm not good with words. Okay, here goes.

Hello, my dear friend. You may be here because:
a) I dm'd you the link
b) You read my blog constantly (I thank you for that)

So if you're here because of option a, then Happy Birthday!

You might wonder why I need to fuss over your birthday so much but I have this weird appreciation for my friend's birthdays. I'm just thankful to the Lord Almighty and to your parents for having sex (this one sounds so wrong, I am sorry) so I can have someone to be with and appreciate life. You're one of the reasons why I do not want to kill myself at the end of the day, and one of the reasons why I keep the edges of my lips on the opposite sides of my face.

I know you don't want the greeting happy included in your birthday wishes but this post will help me make you feel at least blissful. I may not give you happiness but I hope my words will give you a warm feeling inside. It may not be hot cocoa on a cold day (Bokura Ga Ita feels) but I hope to make you feel something close to that.

Anyway, I would like to start by expressing my gratitude. Okay, thank you so so so so much for coming into my life. You're one of the few friends who's always there for me, and never worry for I'll return the favor. I'll never leave your side, even if we're kilometers away. Thank you for treating me like a princess, I've never experienced that. I have never felt so special in my life until the moment you guys took care of me. Actually, thank you for existing. You've helped me go through a lot, just by the mere fact that I know you're in the same world as me. This may be late but thank you for sharing you favorite book (at that time, I don't know what your favorite book is now) to me last summer. It affected me so much, I promise you that. It may have taken me almost a year to find you but I would like to give credits to the universe for bringing us together.

Now, I would like to let you know how much you mean to me. You're one of the greatest people I have met, I swear. I may not have been there for you in the past 17 years of your existence but I want to be in it for God-knows-how-many-more years. I want to support you the way you support me, to make you happy just the way you make me smile, to sleep beside you the way you made me feel like I'm in sleeping heaven (what) and those stuff. I'm so lucky to have you as a friend. You are one of the people who inspire me to put my best foot forward. To just keep moving on. To see a brighter future ahead of me while making my present more colorful than the rainbow will ever be.

This message is too cheesy, I know. But that's just me. I get emotional sometimes (sobs everywhere).
I hope you get my presents soon, I've been working really hard on them. I hope you like them and help you remember me by. About remembering, they told me once that to be remembered forever, you need to do things like: 1) plant a tree and 2) write a book. I'm not good with gardening nor do I have the time to write a whole book for you so I hope a poem will do. Here it goes:

You're a beautiful angel-
you saved me from darkness and hell.
You're my greatest hero-
you are the for me to and fro,
You're my savior-
you carried me even when not in your favor.
You're my light-
you make my colors shine bright.
You are my smile-
I hope you last for a while.

Happy birthday my Finn the Human!

(Handwritten sana kaso panget sulat ko kasi summer sorry sigh)

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